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Ignite - A Touchstone Group Product
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Better Results

Companies that use rewards programs enjoy measurable results while giving employees and partners more job satisfaction.
Ignite™ is more than a rewards program. Ignite™ is a motivational platform with social media, gamification of workplace goals, peer recognition opportunities and of course the ability to earn points and spend them in an online store.

More Features

Ignite is more than a rewards site, here’s why…

Get Social

Recognize Peers

Set & Reward Goals

Earn & Spend Points

Track Progress

Easier Setup & Use

10 Minute Set Up

Optimized for Small Businesses

Ignite comes as a ready-to-use, intuitive site that’s as simple as any social media platform. Easily create users, manage groups, create challenges, and customize the site with your company’s logo and colors to create an immersive experience for the user.

Customized for Large Organizations

We offer continuing site management and custom integration to make Ignite set-up and administration easier for more expansive organizations. for more information.

Better Value

The best priced fully-featured motivational platform on the market.